I am a huge fan of analog meets digital. While I love handwriting, both searchability and anytime, anyplace accessibility are priorities for me.

For years now, I have been relying on my Wacom tablet to give me the best of both worlds.

I use a Wacom tablet in my teaching (to create flipped math lessons, for in-class instruction, to create answer keys, etc) and in my personal life (to plan, take notes, brainstorm, etc).

A common question I get asked when I talk on this topic is: which Wacom tablet do you recommend? There are three main tablets I recommend…

Pear Deck recently released Reflect & Review to “help create more powerful learning moments after the session ends.” Reflect & Review allows:

  • students to review and reflect on prior work
  • teachers to grade work & provide feedback by student
  • teachers to choose when students can/cannot make revisions to their responses

Here is a detailed walkthrough of Reflect & Review in Pear Deck from both the teacher & student view:

I also wanted to share an idea for implementation. Using Pear Deck Takeaways combined with Reflect & Review, teachers can build lessons that allow students to self-assess and revise their…

I had the pleasure to join Kyle Anderson & Ben Dickson on their podcast, BeerEdu! Please give it a listen to learn more about:

  • The story behind my twitter handle, @buddyxo
  • My flipped classroom evolution — where it started and what outcomes I had in my first year
  • How I’ve re-used and improved my flipped classroom videos over the years
  • The time I’ve been able to free up in my AP Calculus class by flipping my class and what I do with this added time
  • Some strategies I use to identify how to best work with teachers in my role…

I think we are all very ready to call this school year a wrap. Taking time to rest and restore this summer is critical. But I first want to take a brief pause to reflect on this year while all of the emotions are still raw and fresh. While there are so many important topics to reflect on from this past year, I will stay focused on some powerful and perhaps unexpected wins that arose from our reliance on technology, and how I hope this will influence lesson design moving forward.

My Journey with Tech Integration

For me, tech integration has always been about the…

Bullis School teachers redesign lessons to keep collaboration alive and engage all learners — whether face-to-face or remote.

As this school year comes to a close, I wanted to celebrate some of the amazing work of my colleagues at Bullis. In my role as Director of Innovation & Educational Technology, I have the opportunity to work with incredible teachers every day, and I am so grateful for the lessons & ideas they bring to life in the classroom.

In this article, I highlight three edtech tools — Flipgrid, Kami, and Pear Deck. In addition to talking about how and why we have integrated these tools school-wide, you’ll find a gallery of projects and student exemplars to enjoy.

I had the honor of joining Reshan Richards, CEO & co-founder of Explain Everything and Faik Karaoglu, Executive Vice President Branded Business at Wacom for a webinar focused on tips for creating effective flipped classroom videos.

We start off with a convo — what inspired us to start making videos, our advice, strategies we would share with others looking to get started making explainer videos — and then dive into a demo.

I start off, showing how I use Explain Everything on the web with my Wacom One, including:

  • my process for making videos — start with Google Slides /…

I had a chance to host the #tlap Twitter chat on Monday, June 14 and we talked about flipped classroom strategies, tools, tips, & experiences!

The questions we explored were:

Imagine a classroom where we could empower every voice in that room — where we celebrated the ideas of not only the students who raised their hands but where every individual had a platform to make their thoughts seen. When we leverage the right edtech tools in our classrooms, we can shine the spotlight on what all students have to say. We can provide those students who may be quiet or need more time to process before sharing a way to contribute to the conversation in a format that best fits their style.

Continued here: https://www.tepsa.org/2021/04/27/tech-with-heart/

Tech with Heart | TEPSA Blog

Thanks to Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association (TEPSA) & Todd Nesloney for the opportunity to share.

I had a chance to be a guest on the Make Learning Magical Podcast, hosted by the amazing Tisha Richmond. Tisha is a fellow DBC Inc author — Make Learning Magical: Transform Your Teaching and Create Unforgettable Experiences in Your Classroom.

You can catch my episode here: Leveraging Tech to Empower Student Voice, Ease Anxiety, & Create Compassionate Classrooms

We talk about:

  • my journey — from the student I was to the teacher I became, which has led me to my edtech coaching role
  • what the flipped classroom means to me and how I’ve implemented & evolved
  • how I’ve used tools like Pear Deck, Edpuzzle, and Flipgrid to get very real-time feedback about individual student needs & empower all students with a voice in the classroom
  • perfectionism
  • leveraging edtech to build stronger relationships
  • and more!

As schools consider books for summer reading, I wanted to plug my own book — Tech with Heart: Leveraging Technology to Empower Student Voice, Ease Anxiety, & Create Compassionate Classrooms. We are primed for really important work in edtech at this moment in time. Teachers have so many tools in their toolbox; the next step will be to think very intentionally about what to keep and what to leave behind. Additionally, as the urgent need to make massive shifts settles, teachers will have time to reflect on what worked in remote and hybrid learning and how to redesign in-class lessons…

Stacey Roshan

Flipped & Online AP Calculus Teacher. #EdTech Enthusiast. NAIS Teacher of the Future. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/staceyroshan

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