I had a chance to present at Wacom Connected Ink to talk about how I pair my Wacom One tablet with Kami to save time and give more effective, personalized feedback. You can check out the presentation recording here:

If you’re interested in learning more about which Wacom tablet I recommend, check out this video: Which Wacom Tablet Is Best for You?

If you are interested in purchasing a Wacom tablet and want to use my Amazon affiliate link 😉: https://www.amazon.com/shop/staceyroshan

By intentionally integrating technology into lessons, teachers can give all students in the room an opportunity to share their voice and express their ideas in a format that best fits them. This session will highlight how to leverage Pear Deck with a Wacom tablet to: (1) provide a platform for all students to contribute and feel safe in sharing; (2) encourage peer-to-peer learning; and (3) reflect on prior work using Takeaways.

In this virtual session, I give a very hands-on demonstration of how I’ve paired my Wacom tablet with Pear Deck in my classroom to shift up what participation looks like and also to give more effective instruction.

This was presented at the Beyond the Mean: Not Your Average PD Conference

In this webinar, I share how Explain Everything, paired with a Wacom tablet, can be used:

  • as a collaborative whiteboard solution for brainstorming on an infinite canvas;
  • as an all-in-one tool to create, edit, & share explainer videos.

I talk through a variety of tips and trips, including simple editing features within Explain Everything. Tune in to see how a Wacom tablet can elevate your game in the classroom!

If you are looking for other tips for using a Wacom tablet in your teaching, I have compiled a bunch of videos & tips here — Wacom Webinars & Tips

Each summer, Flipgrid releases amazing updates for back-to-school. This year did not disappoint with Flipgrid backdrops (think virtual backgrounds/greenscreen), lenses, music, GIFs, and more!

I put together two video overviews that I hope will be helpful —

1. The New Flipgrid Educator Dashboard Experience

2. The New Flipgrid Camera — A Full Introduction to All Camera Features for Students & Teachers

You can also find my full list of Flipgrid tutorials & resources on my Tech Trainings page.

Wishing everyone a good back to school, and I hope these tutorials will be helpful!

Stacey Roshan

Flipped & Online AP Calculus Teacher. #EdTech Enthusiast. NAIS Teacher of the Future. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/staceyroshan

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