A Demo of the All New #GiantSteps by Pear Deck

Stacey Roshan
1 min readFeb 24


Have you heard the news? Turn practice into play with Pear Deck’s all new Giant Steps

I’ve been testing and watching this tool develop for the past year, and I’m so excited to see if formally launch.

Giant Steps offers a live mode for in-class games plus practice sets for independent learning. In building practice sets for your classes, you have the option to choose from a library of standards-aligned content, a shared library of lessons from fellow educators, or you can get going from scratch.

Students encourage one another with stickers & high-fives and earn swag to customize their own avatars (I adore these & appreciate Pear Deck’s attention to inclusive design). I also am most appreciative of Giant Steps’s focus on teamwork within a gamified learning platform without centering on time for points.

Check out my quick walkthrough of the student experience when engaging with an independent assignment

Learn all about Giant Steps and get started for free: https://www.giantsteps.app/

For a more in-depth overview of Giant Steps, check out this video: https://vimeo.com/801407857/443a706e58