A Full Review of #MartyTheRobot by @RoboticalLtd for K-8+ #STEM #coding

  • talk about using Marty for younger learners with:
    - Marty’s offline mode with color blocks
    - the controller/sequencer to make Marty move, dance, and even tackle obstacle courses
    - Scratch Jr style coding
  • talk about using Marty with older learners using Scratch style coding
  • show demos of Marty executing each style of coding
  • share a walkthrough of detailed lesson plans & activities available to accompany Marty
  • give my overall impressions after playing with Marty over the span of a couple of weeks



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Stacey Roshan

Stacey Roshan

Educator | Keynote speaker | Consultant | Author: Tech with Heart | #EdTech Enthusiast | NAIS Teacher of the Future | linktr.ee/StaceyRoshan