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I had a chance to join FOX Baltimore to talk about the importance of continuing to use digital tools even though most students are now in-person as well as some tech tools that can help students as we gear up for a new school year.

You can watch the clip here: FOX Baltimore — Back to School | Navigating digital learning

I think it’s critical that we continue to meaningfully infuse technology into our classrooms and lesson design. When used well, technology is a key tool for accessibility, inclusivity, and strengthening relationships.

A couple of the tools I recommended did not make the clip, so as a quick recap of the four tools I chose to focus on:

  • Pear Deck is a fantastic tool teachers can use to allow students the time and space to craft a response and share their ideas. It’s an add-on for google slides and PowerPoint that ensures every student actively engages with a presentation.

I think it’s most important that we provide students with tech tools and apps so that they can customize the learning to best fit their needs and thrive in the classroom.



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Stacey Roshan

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