Dreaming Of… The Perfect Classroom Setup/Tool + 🎁 A Wacom Giveaway 🎁

Stacey Roshan
2 min readDec 1, 2023

The following are two videos that I had the chance to create in partnership with Wacom to celebrate the holidays! I hope you enjoy watching and get a small laugh out of my attempt to write some clever captions 😊

Video 1: My Dream Classroom Setup

🎶 I’m dreaming of the perfect classroom setup. Unlike the ones I used to know!

With a Wacom tablet in the hand of each student and Pear Deck providing every individual a space for expression, our classroom is now the most beautiful sight!

May your classroom setups be dreams brought to life, and may all your discussions be inclusive and bright!

💭 What’s your dream classroom setup? Share in the comments on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn!

Video 2: My Dream Teacher Tool

🎶 I’m dreaming of the perfect teaching tool 🎶

✨ In my last video, we dreamed up our ideal classroom. Today, let’s dive into that game-changing tool for you, the teacher.

For me, it all began with creating a single math video. When I discovered what Wacom tablets could do, I knew there were no limits to what I could create. Soon, that one math video turned into a huge library of recorded content.

But that was just the start. Paired with Kami, I unlocked a whole new way to provide students with actionable, personalized, and expressive feedback while also saving myself time and effort. This allowed me to redefine homework feedback as a tool for deeper self-directed learning.

💭 What’s a tool that has transformed your teaching or workflow, or the one you dream of getting? Share your thoughts on Twitter/X for a chance to win a Wacom One 13 + stand!

* To enter the contest, reply to my post on Twitter/X and be sure you’re following @wacomedu! Entries close 12/12/23



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