Genially Walkthrough: Create Highly Interactive & Animated Social Media Graphics & Presentations, Growth Portfolios for Students with Embedded YouTube & Flipgrid Videos, Drag & Drop Activities Including Audio, & More!

Stacey Roshan
3 min readJan 20, 2022

If you haven’t tried Genially yet, this video is for you! Genially allows you to create highly interactive and animated presentations, graphics (ie: images with hotspots, eye-catching social media posts), infographics, videos, and more!

In this video walkthrough, I start by creating an interactive graphic that looks very similar to Linktree. This could be a fun opportunity for your students to make an about me page or even create one for a person/character they’re reading/learning about. In the video, I take you through the process of getting started from a template, using the icon and image library built right into Genially, adding Interactivity elements, and more.

From there, I share a quick demo of how students can create a video showcase embedding both YouTube and Flipgrid videos. This could work great for an ePortfolio or documentation of growth over the course of the year activity.

Next, I show how Genially can be used to create an interactive image with hotspots. This is a great way for students to create a highly interactive visual labeling a diagram with information they’ve learned. Additionally, this can be a great way for you to provide instruction to students. Interactivity options in Genially range from linking to an external website, displaying pop-up text, and linking to another page within your Genially.

Last up, I share a drag & drop activity where students place house objects in their appropriate rooms on the canvas. You’ll learn how to make any activity in Genially drop & drop. You’ll also see how to create an activity that students can copy and remix. As a bonus, I share how you can add audio using the record tool right in Genially and also use the built-in pen tool to draw and annotate on your creations.

Table of Contents:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:53 Starting from a template
  • 3:44 Duplicate/delete pages in Genially
  • 5:14 Interactivity options
  • 8:10 Built-in icon library
  • 10:40 Customizing social media icons
  • 11:50 Group objects
  • 12:30 Preview your Genially
  • 12:45 Sharing your Genially
  • 13:20 EXAMPLE 2: Create a video highlights page (embedded YouTube & Flipgrid videos)
  • 13:40 Embed a YouTube video
  • 14:20 Embed a Flipgrid video
  • 15:40 EXAMPLE 3: Use Genially to create & publish a video
  • 17:00 EXAMPLE 4: Create an interactive image with hotspots
  • 17:25 Create a video hotspot
  • 17:55 Create a pop up window hotspot
  • 19:00 Create a drag & drop labeling activity with instructions for students
  • 20:27 EXAMPLE 5: Part of the house drag & drop activity plus audio recordings
  • 20:55 Send each student their own copy of the Genially to reuse & edit
  • 21:30 Record & insert audio
  • 23:20 Hyperlink pages *within* your Genially to create an interactive presentation24:47 Enable paint on Genially to draw on your canvas



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