Joining @burgessdave on his podcast, The #DaveBurgessShow, to talk #TechWithHeart

It was an honor to join Dave Burgess on his podcast, The Dave Burgess Show. Dave went deep with his questions, giving me the chance to talk about how my book & book cover came to be, the significance of me sharing my personal experiences as a student, the why behind my edtech innovation journey, and some key tools I’ve leaned on to empower every voice.

It’s a special thing when you have a chance to work with a publisher invested in getting to know your full story from the start and who continues to follow your journey and evolution, uplifting and advising along the way. I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to be a DBC Inc author.

I hope you love listening to The Dave Burgess Show Episode #16, Tech with Heart with Stacey Roshan

Tech with Heart author, Stacey Roshan, joins me to discuss how she has leveraged technology to lift the voices of ALL learners in her class, increase connection and sense of ownership, and ease anxiety. All of this has led to creating truly compassionate classrooms that dispel the myth that technology is cold and impersonal.



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Stacey Roshan

Educator | Keynote speaker | Consultant | Author: Tech with Heart | #EdTech Enthusiast | NAIS Teacher of the Future |